7 Unique Ways to Embellish Your Home With Custom Trim and Woodwork

Your home is your haven and home remodeling is your chance to bring any vision you have to life. Make it your own with custom trim and woodwork from professional local contractors to create an even cozier and welcoming environment. It doesn’t have to be complex or overthought, sometimes custom trim or woodwork is the easiest way to redesign an entire space. 

If you’re considering home remodeling or even simple home updates, don’t skip out on custom woodwork and trim installations. Our trim work contractors from Baltimore have put together the top 7 unique ways to redesign a space with trim installations. You can completely change the function and feel of your space with these simple updates.

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how to make your home look more victorian with custom trim

7 Ways to Add Your Style to Your Home with Custom Trim Work

#1 Ceiling Medallions and Beams

If you’re looking for a way to highlight the height in your home, ceiling medallions and beams are the way to go.  Custom trim ceiling medallions add a decorative trim around light fixtures or ceiling fans to create a focal point in any room. You will most often find these in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Pairing a custom trim ceiling medallion with a ceiling beam creates a rustic and elegant style for the home. Don’t let your ceiling just be your ceiling, allow it to be a stunning architectural focal point that provides height, ambiance, and warmth.

#2 Wainscoting and Chair Rails

Wainscotting is a traditional yet wholly unique custom trim installation that can elevate the style and design of your home. Homeowners love the sophistication this adds to dining rooms, bathrooms, and even simple hallways or entryways. Choose something ornate, elaborate, or extremely modern to match your current home style. 

Complement your wainscotting with a chair rail for a traditional, timeless look. Experiment with different paneling designs and paint colors to match your style and see how this changes the look of your home. Local custom trim contractors can assist with consulting, design, and overall confirmation before the installation for a timeless look. 

Custom trim ceiling medallions

#3 Built-In Bookshelves and Cabinets

You’re missing out on total home customization if you’re not taking advantage of built-in bookshelves and cabinets with custom trim and woodwork from your local professional contractors. Built-in bookshelves and cabinets help maximize space and functionality by integrating the storage directly into your walls.

Our custom trim contractors recommend building built-in bookshelves into your living room for a stylish  entertainment center. They also hold value in niches like in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. For larger homes, don’t be afraid to add built-in shelves in your basement and dining rooms for more ways to display your art and other knick-knacks. 

#4 Window Casings and Sills

Often overlooked, window trim is an easy way to bring some unique custom style to your  home. Upgrade the appearance of your windows with custom wood casings and sills that can be Victorian, Contemporary, Colonial, or Simply Modern. Choose designs that match your home’s architectural style or go bold with a focal point that is off-brand and catches the eye.

To elevate your custom window trim, consider stained wood for adding warmth, while painted wood can provide a clean, crisp look. Different colors or light fixtures nearby can influence how the light plays off the windowsill, making your windows a great display area for candles, art, and other items that light up the curb appeal from within. 

#5 Mudroom Cubbies and Benches

Make your entryway or mudroom work for you by opting for built-in benches and cubbies with custom woodwork from local residential contractors. These benches create an organized and inviting entryway with additional storage opportunities for optimal organization. 

Cubbies can be used for shoes, storage, seasonal items, pet supplies, and more. Guests and family members always love the immediate welcome with a place to sit and contain wet or muddy messes during bad weather. For an elevated look, incorporate coat hooks and a splash of bold color that catches the eye and creates art within the simple space. 

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#6 Custom Staircase Balusters and Railings

Everyone forgets about the stairwell into local custom trim contractors and woodworkers come in and spruce the place up. You won’t believe you ever forgot about your staircase once you focus on the railing and balusters. 

Custom woodwork in your stairwell can dramatically change the look, feel, and flow of your home. Guests will feel invited upstairs by the flow that continues from one room to the next. Custom trim installers can assist with design consultations so you get the perfect look and feel to match your home’s style. 

#7 Furniture and Room Dividers

For a truly unique touch, consider having custom furniture pieces or room dividers crafted from wood by your local custom trim residential contractors. Custom dining tables, headboards, or room dividers can serve as both functional elements and works of art. They can be tailored to fit your specific space and design preferences so your home is truly unique and full of rich, inviting wood pieces. 

Room dividers help change your space up as you need it, while custom trim can incorporate built in furniture pieces like shelving, benches, seating areas, and more. The options are limitless when you truly want to transform your space. 

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Your dream home is only one remodel away. While you may be considering big changes, remember that small items like custom trim, built-in storage, bookshelves, wains cotting, and more can all change how your home functions and feels. 

If you’ve got a design style you can’t wait to use, contact our residential contractors in Baltimore today to begin. You’ll watch your space transform before your eyes without having to re-arrange every room. Sometimes the simple things make the biggest differences.