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Updating your bathroom from old or outdated to new, stylish, and functional is an ambition many homeowners have. They want to say goodbye to their countertops, replace their old tubs, and upgrade their sinks and shower for better function, space, and design.

At Marshall Cruz Construction, our Baltimore Bath Remodeling Company takes your vision and makes it a reality, so you can get all of those improvements and more!

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How Our Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Baltimore, Maryland Help You

Are you into a modern bathroom design or something more traditional? What about contemporary styles or even European?

Selecting your vision for your bathroom remodel in Baltimore, MD goes one of two ways: you know exactly what you want and need someone to execute the design or you’re at a loss for what you want but you know it isn’t what you have now.

Our Baltimore bath remodeling contractors work with you to either help you realize your vision or put your design on paper so it can become a completed project.

Everything from color choices to sink design, we are available to help you finalize your bathroom and take it to the next level so it works for you. You can get both a functional design and a stylish finish with our Baltimore bath remodeling company.

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What Are the Benefits of a New Bathroom Renovation in Baltimore, Maryland?

Stuck on price? Procrastinating on actually hiring the contractor and getting the work started?

Here are just a few reasons why investing in a professional bathroom remodeling contractor in Baltimore, MD works for you, so you can stop delaying, and start hiring.

bathroom remodeling contractor in baltimore md

Home Value Increase

You don't need to be looking to sell your home to enjoy the benefits an increased home value gives. Investing today in a remodel pays off in the long run in a lot of ways.

Make a Small Space Feel Larger

Do you know the trick of glass doors on showers? What about consolidating cabinets for better storage? Even if the space is small, it can feel spacious with minor updates, which our designers can help with.

bathroom remodeling company in baltimore md

Get Luxury with Minor Updates

How about a heated floor? Or rainfall showerhead? These are small designs that cost little but add a lot of value when it comes to comfort and style. Ask us about our favorites.

bathroom renovations represented by a new modern bathroom sink in baltimore

Cosmetic Updates Go a Long Way

Tired of the faucet fixtures from the 60s or wallpaper from the 90s? Simple cosmetic updates can change the entire feel of your bathroom, making it more welcoming and comfortable.

Make Cleaning Easier

Some old bathrooms have small nooks and edges that make cleaning harder, or they lack in storage space for cleaning supplies. A new bathroom remodel changes all that so cleaning is easier.

Eco-Friendly Updates

Want to use less water? Create a sustainable bathroom? Bath updates help make that happen, whatever your vision is. You're in your bathroom everyday, make it work for you and your life.

How to Get Started With Our Bathroom Remodeling Company in Baltimore, MD

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Bathroom Remodeling FAQ

A bathroom remodel can bring a variety of benefits to your home: increases the functionality and value of the space; enhances the overall usability of the bathroom; improves the aesthetics of the space; saves you money on utility bills in the long run; create a more accessible space. 

Your bathroom remodel improves the value of your home, creates a quality living space, enhances accessibility, saves on energy, and makes your home more appealing to home buyers. As a homeowner, your bathroom remodel benefits you both now and down the line for the longevity of use. 

We have no limits when it comes your bathroom remodel: select from all types of materials for flooring, tile, floors, shower, baths, fixtures, and more. Consult with us on the perfect design for your new bathroom remodel that stays on theme and in budget. 

Yes, we have extensive experience and all updated knowledge in the industry when it comes to bathroom remodels. We handle both standard and complex jobs to provide lasting work for every bathroom remodel that you can count on — no delays, only honest work. 

We use only the best materials available and follow all code guidelines when it comes to bathroom remodeling. By not skipping any steps and staying on top of the latest technology, we provide lasting work that is proven to be with your home for its entire lifespan. 

During your free estimate consultation, talk with us about our optional warranties and work guarantees — we stand by our work and will let you know how long both the materials and the labor is insured for.