Drop Ceiling Installation Services in Baltimore, Maryland

drop ceiling installation & acoustical ceilings near me baltimore mdReady to enhance the space of your commercial building with a new drop ceiling installation? Our drop ceiling contractors in Baltimore are able to provide fast, affordable service to meet all of your design and acoustical needs. 

From discussing the grid layout to picking panel designs and following up for maintenance and repairs, Marshall Cruz Construction is available for any drop ceiling repairs or installations you need.

With over 15 years of experience, our drop ceiling grid installation company in Maryland has worked with numerous industries to help solve all of their acoustical and drop ceiling installation needs. 

Don’t be shy about reaching out for a free estimate to discuss your project with our Baltimore drop ceiling contractors, who are available to provide budget expectations, scheduling outlines, and material suggestions.

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Our Drop Ceiling Services in Baltimore, MD Include:

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The Benefits of a Baltimore Drop Ceiling Installation in Your Commercial Space

Marshall Cruz Construction has over 15 years of experience with drop ceiling installation services in Baltimore and surrounding counties. With over a decade of serving clients and various communities, we’ve been able to help our customers make the right decisions for their businesses. When it comes to drop ceiling services in Baltimore, we’ve learned how to best optimize installations and quickly handle repairs.


When considering a drop ceiling grid installation in Baltimore, Maryland, please reach out to our professional drop ceiling contractors to discuss all the ways a drop ceiling can be the right fit for your business. With a free estimate on new projects, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call today, commitment free.

Why We Recommend a Commercial Drop Ceiling Grid Installation in Baltimore, Maryland

Conceal Your Ductwork and Other Industrial Components

The best way to convert your industrial or commercial building into offices or a modern space is with a drop ceiling. It easily conceals all wires, pipes, and other components to create a clean looking space.

Ease of Access to Pipes and Wiring

Easily concealed, but easily accessed. A drop ceiling installation in Maryland lets you access your pipes, wiring, and other building components by simply pushing aside a tile. When you need a contractor to complete work, there will be no hassle accessing the right area.

Alter Your Acoustics

Drop ceilings are also known as acoustical ceilings, because they can help alter the acoustics in your building. Whether you need to enhance sound or diminish its travel, the right panel combination can help you achieve the proper acoustics for your business.

Simpler Repairs and Replacements

Our drop ceiling company in Maryland can easily handle panel replacements or repairs for your drop ceiling. Whether you are experiencing wear and tear from age, impact, or moisture, drop ceiling panels are easily replaced or fixed with the proper drop ceiling contractors.

Sturdy and Safe

When a professional drop ceiling grid company in Baltimore handles the grid installation, you know your panels are safe and sturdy. Whether utilizing a suspended ceiling or a grid system, these are safe and reliable for any workplace.

Suspended Ceiling Systems Install With Affordable and Fast

Drop ceilings are affordable and include a fast installation. You save time on materials and labor when you decide to invest in a drop ceiling installation in Maryland, enhancing your company without breaking the bank.

Customizable for Any Style or Design

The flexibility when it comes to suspended ceilings cannot be beat. A grid ceiling gives you customizable options no matter what design or style you are considering. From professional to whimsical, drop ceilings can provide a wide range of panel options to pick from, both in style and in color.

Commercial Drop Ceiling Gallery

How Our Drop Ceiling Contractors in Baltimore Can Boost Your Home

drop ceiling installation & acoustical ceilings near me

Drop ceilings may be popular for commercial businesses, but they are also extremely beneficial in homes. Our drop ceiling contractors have worked to install drop ceilings in residential basements, in houses with high ceilings, and more. 


Whether you are trying to conceal pipes and wires or add some more insulation in your home, our drop ceiling grid contractors in Baltimore, Maryland are available for the job to provide a professional installation that is durable and up to code.

Benefits of Baltimore Drop Ceiling Grid Services for Your Home

Control the Size of Your Space

White panels can reflect light and open up your space, while darker panels can create a cozy, tighter feel. You get to decide how your room feels with a large selection of drop ceiling panels to select from, that you can change out at any time.

Noise Reduction

From a home office to a home theater, drop ceilings provide great acoustics for your home. You can focus better by blocking out distracting noises, or you can ramp up the volume without shaking the house.

Energy Efficiency

Drop ceilings are largely popular for their ability to maintain warmth in the colder months. Reduce your energy bills by installing a drop ceiling, especially in rooms with taller ceilings that become drafty and hard to heat.

Cover Exposed Pipes and Wires

Whether in the kitchen or the basement, exposed pipes are rarely a good sight. A drop ceiling allows you to pick the design of the room while covering unsightly internal components. Because the panels are so easy to move, you can always access wires and pipes when needed, without having to see them twenty-four seven.

Limitless Design Options

Drop ceiling panels are so popular because the design options are limitless. You can mimic other materials, choose a modern design, select an intricately detailed panel instead, or go for something completely off the wall. However you want your home to look, there is a panel option that complements your style.

Easy to Repair

Damages happen in the home, whether from the age of the materials or from home renovations gone awry. No matter what damage your drop ceiling takes, our suspended ceiling contractors in Maryland can help repair the grid or panels themselves, and at a low cost, too.

Easy Install

With a professional drop ceiling installation company, the grid and panel installation goes quick! Do not worry about a long construction project -- drop ceiling installations are fast with no mess left behind by the Marshall Cruz Construction drop ceiling contractors in Maryland.


Drop ceilings still allow you to pick from a wide variety of lighting options. Consult with our drop ceiling installation company in Maryland to get an idea of what lighting you want and how to incorporate it into your drop ceiling installation.

Affordable Cost

As a free estimate with our drop ceiling contractors in Baltimore will demonstrate, the cost of a drop ceiling grid for a home is extremely affordable. From large rooms to smaller spaces, the panels and grids are easy to fit in budget, no matter what style you are aiming for. And because the installation goes so quick, labor prices are easy to keep low.

Drop Ceilings Installation FAQ

For your drop ceiling, you can choose from mineral fiber, metal, PVC, and wood tiles. Mineral fiber is inexpensive, fire-resistant, and mold-resistant, while metal is long-lasting and recyclable. PVC is lightweight, affordable, and ideal for moisture-prone areas, and wood offers a natural, rustic feel. Selecting the best material for your drop ceiling will depend on your specific preferences, needs, and budget. Consult with us for your best option. 

Yes, our drop ceiling contractors have extensive experience and all the proper certifications. We have years of experience and proven solutions for even the most complex installations. Consult with us for your next drop ceiling installation budget. 

To ensure a durable drop ceiling grid, we choose high-quality materials and install the grid properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We ensure supporting structures can bear weight and perform regular maintenance and inspections. 

We want to ensure our work is always completed to the best of our abilities and to the industry’s highest standards — ask us about guarantees and warranty options for both labor and materials during your free estimate

Yes! We’ve included a drop ceiling gallery at the top of our service page — scroll up to view previously completed work or check out our commercial services for more info. 

Yes we do! You can request a free estimate immediately following the link on our contact page or you can call us today to set up an in person inspection and discuss the scope of the project. 

To find acoustical ceilings near you, you can search online directories, consult local construction or interior design firms, or reach out to specialized acoustical ceiling suppliers or contractors. They can provide information on available options, pricing, and installation services in your area.

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