Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwood flooring vs laminate flooring is a popular question our contractors get asked. Hardwood floors have a higher investment price but last much longer than laminate floors, costing less over the lifetime of your home. Hardwood floors also endure wear and tear better, as they are resistant to peeling and chipping despite heavy use.

Flooring replacements vary based on type, manufacturer, use, and care.


Some carpets can last over 10 years, although most start to see signs of replacing between 5 and 7 years. Hardwood floors have one of the longest lifespans, easily over 25 years with proper care. Unfortunately, hardwood floors are easily damaged by pets and moisture, so maintenance is important. If you’re not interested in hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring can also last over 15 years, sometimes over 20 years with proper care.

Nothing beats hardwood, but laminate and vinyl also have substantial lifespans. Hardwood has one of the longest lifespans of the different flooring options, over 25 years, but this is with proper care and maintenance. Water and pets are two of the biggest killers of hardwood floors. Vinyl and laminate are popular choices, able to last over 15 years with good care, but they can peel or chip if not maintained properly or see heavy, frequent use.

Flooring installation varies from type to type and has also changes based on the room and size of the area. MC Construction will consult with you on furniture arrangement, moving of appliances, and time frame. We always recommend you put away breakables before construction begins, remove art from walls, and take care of other valuable items for safekeeping.

To extend your floor’s lifespan, there are many types of maintenance you can do to keep your floor looking great. For carpets, investing in regular deep carpet cleaning can help remove clogged dirt or other stains.


Regularly cleaning and dusting hardwood floors without the application of soap, wax, or vinegar will help maintain the finish and color. For laminate and vinyl, use water sparingly but do remember to sweep daily and mop every other mop. Always always check the soap and materials you are using.

At Marshall Cruz Construction in Maryland, we offer various door brands to select from for a new door installation. With supply chain availabilities fluctuating, talk to us today to determine what is available and what is back-ordered or waitlisted. We promise to work with you to get you what you need.

A door installation may seem simple, but simple things have plenty of weak points where installation can go wrong. Marshall Cruz Construction has been called to many homes and offices where door installations have gone wrong.

We make sure to check for a level install, a sealed finish, no strain on the door frame, and we allow time for waterproofing. Save the hassle and the headache with a professional, experienced door installation you don’t need to worry about.

When selecting a new door installation for your home, office building, or other commercial space, there are many options. Select from wood doors, glass doors, flush doors, fiberglass doors, aluminum doors, steel doors, and even some others. At Marshall Cruz Construction, we can help you pinpoint the right door material and design to finish your home or building.

Installation varies from project to project. With a free estimate from Marshal Cruz Construction in Baltimore, we can help evaluate your estimated costs, timeline, and how you can stay in budget. We look at property type, materials, design, timeline, and more to help give you a project cost of installation.

Door installations are fairly quick, often between 4 – 6 hours for a single door. Prehung doors go much quicker, while double doors take a bit more time. With a free estimate from our Baltimore contractors, we can give you a better prediction of how long your new door installation will take.

At Marshall Cruz Construction, we offer both drop ceiling installations and drop ceiling grid installations. This means we work with you to design the layout, choose the tile size, and create a drop ceiling grid for your ceiling. Then we work to install each drop ceiling tile so you have a seamless finish.

Yes, installing a ceiling in your basement is possible! For most homes, getting the look of a finished basement is possible with a drop ceiling installation. A drop ceiling installation will cover pipes and other important ductwork while still providing accessbility. The best part is that drop ceilings are affordable and come in a wide variety of textures, designs, and colors, so you can get the perfect look you want.

A drop ceiling installation is one of the more affordable ceiling choices. Drop ceiling prices are affordable because you can pick the size and material of the tile, giving you control over design, quality, lifespan, and cost. You can shop a range of drop ceiling costs from $5 a square foot to $28 a square foot.

While many homeowners are tempted to install a suspended ceiling themselves, working with a local Baltimore building contractor is often the safest method to take. While the process may look simple, our Baltimore contractors design a drop ceiling grid that suspends easily and safely, while navigating around pipes, plumbing, wires, and other materials you may wish to hide. We ensure an easy access through the panels while still giving a finished look to your new ceiling.

Grid ceilings do require construction, yes. This is because the grid for the drop ceiling tiles must be installed into the building. This helps support the weight of the tiles and must be anchored correctly for safety. Proper construction of a grid ceiling also ensures easy access to whatever the drop ceiling is concealing.
Drywall was invented in 1916 and became much more popular in the 1950s, when it was used to replace plaster. Drywall is preferred because it is cheaper, fire-resistant, and can be painted to match any room’s design aesthetic.

Drywall Construction is a great investment because it is affordable, can easily be painted to match any design, and is fire resistant. Compared to the previous use of plaster, drywall is a big win when it comes to any construction.

While drywall can be a DIY project, working with a professional building contractor is the best way to have drywall installed. At Marshall Cruz Construction, we can install drywall quickly, easily, and affordably. This means less stress and mistakes. Instead of spending more money in trial and error, trust the drywall experts to complete your project on time.