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door installations company in BaltimoreIn need of a new door installation for your home or business? Marshall Cuz Construction contractors can handle the job! We’ve been in business over 15 years, providing reliable and fast door installation services to Baltimore County and surrounding areas. We upgrade storefronts, provide security steel doors, change out interior doors for homes and businesses, install glass doors for a beautiful view, and ensure a welcoming finish with a secure install every time.

Our door installation Company in Baltimore, Maryland are always on time, fast, and on budget. With a free estimate available, you know exactly what to expect and can move forward with confidence. Welcome your guests with a new door installation service in Maryland today.–

Our Maryland Door Installation Services Include:

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A New Door Installation in Baltimore, Maryland Provides Unmatched Security

The doors to your home or business should be welcoming but secure, inviting but withstanding. Over time, doors warp and fade due to age, use, weather, and other factors. No matter how strong your door first started, its reliability does wither with time.

Marshall Cruz Construction has been providing door installation Company in Baltimore, Maryland for over 15 years, allowing us to really get to know the needs of our clients and customers.

What we’ve learned is that a door installation service in Baltimore, whether it be for a home or a new storefront, is always about a warm welcome and a secure hold. There must be a balance between providing a beautiful presentation and a feeling of security.

Our door installation contractors in Baltimore, Maryland have the proper experience, tools, and know-how to provide this exact balance to all of our customers. We are available to consult on design, fit, and security features.

Our door installations are properly aligned and securely fitted. You will be pleased with the sleek, seamless install and will have peace of mind that the door will hold no matter what it is up against.

Trust our contractors for your next business or residential door installation service in Baltimore, Maryland, and feel confident in the finished job. Give us a call for a free estimate and to discuss your needs.

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Our Door Installation Contractors Baltimore Can Provide an Energy Efficient Install

Steel doors, glass doors, hardwood doors, and interior doors are all a vital part to your home or business’ energy efficiency. Although insulation, windows, and other factors play a large part, your door’s seal can make all the difference when it comes to climate control. An improper door installations service in Maryland can leave gaps in the door’s seal, allowing moisture, wind, and other elements to get inside.


The professional door installation Service with Marshall Cruz Construction ensure that there are no gaps, weak points, or faults with your new door installation service in Maryland. We are available to discuss your door needs, including view, security, and a welcoming aesthetic all while keeping energy efficiency in the mix.


If you’ve been noticing gusts of wind, bugs, moisture, or other elements in your home or commercial building, it could be a sign your door has aged past its time or you received a faulty door installation service in Maryland. Our experts are available to hop on a call, discuss your needs, and provide a free estimate on the work that needs done.


Get your beautiful glass door for a view, your secure steel door, or your interior doors shaped up for a proper seal against the elements, weather, noise control, and more. We are the trusted door installation company in Maryland that will keep you in budget and complete the work fast.

Commercial Door Installation Contractors in Maryland

Commercial Door Installation Baltimore

Give your customers something to be excited about with a new commercial door installation service in Maryland!

We work on commercial properties, including storefronts, to install new doors for both security and curb appeal. Whether you need a professional front-facing door or something more artistic and intriguing, we can help with a professional, seamless installation service.

Talk to us about your budget, your schedule, and your desired look, and our door installation Company in Maryland will help you out with a free estimate before we begin.

Residential Door Installation Services in Baltimore

Finding The Best Door Installation Service

Our residential door installation contractors can improve and update your interior or exterior doors.


Come home to a new look with a warm front door greeting you every day, or update the glass patio doors to take in a whole new view. Our goal is your satisfaction.


With our door installations company in Baltimore, Maryland, your curb appeal will increase, your resale value will rise, your energy efficiency will be improved, and you can have reliable, durable interior and exterior doors you can count on for security and safety.

What Does a New Door Installation Service in Maryland Do for You?

Upgraded Look

Durable Lifespan

Strong Seal

Enforced Security

First Impression

Boost in Curb Appeal

Energy Efficient

Noise Control

Added Resale Value

New View

Why Work With Marshall Cruz Construction Door Installation Company in Baltimore


We discuss your budget and offer various options to keep you in range without sacrificing your needs, quality, or vision


Our door installation contractors in Baltimore respect your schedule and will show-up on time


We offer competitive pricing because we think that every client should have access to the door installation they envision


If something arises during construction, our door installation contractors in Maryland will keep you up to date and aware of any delays or changes


Our Baltimore door installation company has over 15 years experience working construction and implementing proven solutions for fast, reliable results

Client Satisfaction

We put our clients’ needs first -- we listen to your specific project and recommend the best solutions

High Quality Materials

No matter what your budget is, our materials are all high quality, dependable, and durable, from splurging on the top-of-the-line to a more affordable price point

Free Estimates

Give us a call and know before the job begins what your cost expectations will be and get the best materials for your needs and budget

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Frequently Asked Questions

Door installation duration depends on door type, complexity, and installer’s proficiency. A standard interior or exterior door can take 1-3 hours to install by a professional. Customized doors like those that require cutting or hinge adjustments may need more time. Hire a skilled installer with proper tools and plan the installation on good weather days to avoid delays.

Yes, our complete door installation services take into account custom door design, materials, and finishes. We will work with you to ensure you get the exact door design that works for your home or business. From simple installs to complex designs, we are available. 

Yes, our door installers and design contractors will work with you to get the right design that complements your existing space and has the functionality you require. Send us inspiration ideas, photos, mock-ups, and more to help aid in the final design — don’t worry, nothing begins until you approve the project. 

Yes, all of our Maryland contractors are skilled at door installations. We are all licensed and insured to guarantee you the best door installation possible for your home or business. 

Yes, during your free estimation appointment ask us about all of our guarantees and warranty options that cover the labor or materials, or both. We will discuss how you can keep your investment lasting the lifetime of your home or business. 

Yes, check out our Google reviews or social media testimonials. For specific projects, ask us for project photos or references. Our aim is to ensure your confidence and comfortability before we begin any job.