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Do you need residential home repairs in Baltimore, MD? Marshall Cruz Construction is available! We offer both large and small residential construction services in Baltimore and surrounding counties.   

This means we assist with remodeling, home repairs, home additions, room renovations, crown modeling installations, and more.

With over a decade of experience and praising 5-star reviews from customers, we are the trusted residential building contractors in Baltimore, MD for your next project. 

Don’t delay, with a free estimate available, our Baltimore Construction Contractors work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need.

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Residential Construction Services In Baltimore, MD


Home Repairs



Residential Bathroom Remodeling in Baltimore, MD

Everything from new tile to a new master bathroom addition is available from Marshall Cruz Construction.

Our Baltimore residential construction contractors are experts at new bathroom additions and bathroom remodels. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or simply change the design, we can help.

Residential Kitchen Remodeling in Baltimore, MD

Residential home repairs aren’t complete with kitchen remodeling availability. Talk to us about updating your appliances, switching out the flooring, installing new cabinets, or adding a breakfast nook.

Residential Floor Installations in Baltimore MD

Our residential remodeling contractors in Baltimore, MD include new flooring installation.

We handle the demo, and the installation, and provide you with a recommended maintenance plan to keep your floors lasting longer and looking great.

Residential Door Installations in Baltimore, MD

Want a new front door installed or have you added on a new room that needs a door? We can help with that! 

Our professional door installations ensure a level install, no cracks, waterproofing, and a stable fit.

Residential Drywall in Baltimore, MD

Combined with our interior framework services, Marshall Cruz Construction can provide easy and affordable drywall services. 

We handle drywall repairs and installations as part of our comprehensive residential home repairs in Baltimore, MD

Residential Drop Ceilings in Baltimore, MD

Ready to hide unsightly pipes, wires, or other unfinished construction? That’s the benefit of drop ceiling installation s in residential homes! 

Homeowners consistently request drop ceiling installations in Maryland because it helps hide pipes and more in kitchens and basements while still providing accessibility. Get a beautiful new ceiling installed today.

Residential Demo in Baltimore, MD

Sometimes, a good remodel begins with a home demo. Whether it’s one room or many, Marshall Cruz Construction is available. 

Our Baltimore residential remodeling contractors can help safely demo existing residential rooms so you can preserve elements like load-bearing walls, wires, plumbing, and more. Get a professional eye to ensure an easy build.

Residential Interior Framework in Baltimore, MD

The Interior framework is where most new remodeling begins — visualizing the space and getting the spine installed so everything is sturdy, stable, and properly constructed.

Our Baltimore residential building services include interior framework so everything is properly mapped out and ready to begin for drywall installation, ceilings, and more.

Residential Trim, Baseboards, Crown Molding in Baltimore, MD

Leave the trim work to us. No one enjoys installing crown molding or properly aligning the baseboards down multiple flights of stairs and into several rooms. 

Hiring Marshall Cruz Construction to install your residential trim takes the hassle and frustration out of the equation. Receive beautiful, quality results with a professional residential construction company in Baltimore, MD.

Why Choose Marshall Cruz as Your Residential Building Contractors in Baltimore

We are Local Residential Contractor

Our residential construction company is local to Baltimore, MD.

This means we are familiar with designs, environmental concerns, building codes, laws, regulations, and more. Everything is constructed properly and legally so your home is trusted and safe.

Our Residential Construction Services are Proven

With over 15 years in business, we provide residential construction services in Baltimore, MD that have proven solutions.

This means we can work efficiently to help you design a new room remodel, complete a home addition, complete new aesthetic projects, and more, all with quick and easy results.

We Work with Only High-Quality Materials

There are no cutting corners when it comes to our residential remodeling contractors. Our residential construction company located in Baltimore sources only quality materials for each project.

You should have new floors that are built to last, ceiling tiles that are aesthetically pleasing, and trim that can handle everything your family throws at it.

Our Crew Respects Your Schedule and Budget

What makes us a 5-star rated construction company in Baltimore, MD is our dedication to your schedule and budget.

Although sometimes there are instances that can’t be worked around, we always offer clear communication and solutions for problems that arise. This means work that stays in budget and on time so you can feel confident hiring us.

Residential Construction FAQ

We offer complete, comprehensive residential construction services in Baltimore, MD for both new construction and existing structures.  

This includes kitchen and bathroom remodeling, drop ceilings, drop ceiling grids, interior framing, flooring, door installations and door replacements, trim and baseboards, plus more.

Unsure about our constructive services? Request a quote on your specific project. 

The best way to get in touch with our residential construction crew is via our contact page or phone: (410) 409-5803.

Our bathroom remodeling services include replacing old fixtures with new ones, changing the layout, installing new flooring and tiles, updating lighting, and plumbing and electrical work. We can also make your bathroom more accessible or expand. We provide basement bathroom additions and master suite additions.  

Don’t forget to ask about additional features like heated floors, towel warmers and water-saving devices. Design consultations, project management, permit acquisition, and disposal of old materials are all part of our comprehensive services. 

Yes, we do have residential door installation services. Allow us to remove your old door, install the new one, and ensure is perfectly flush and working properly. Door installation services include front doors, storm door, garage doors, and more. Double wide, simple, complex, and more. 

Our residential flooring options include hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, tile, and natural stone. Each has its own benefits: warmth and durability (hardwood, laminate), comfort and insulation (carpet), easy to clean (vinyl), durability and moisture-resistance (tile), luxury (natural stone). Choice depends on your  preference, budget, and room use. We can provide consults and design input. 

Call us today or click on FREE ESTIMATE at the top of the web page! We respond with 48 hours with your new design quote or consultation. 

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