Precise and Dependable Interior Framing Contractors in Baltimore, Maryland

Handling Commercial and Residential Framing Projects for Over 15 Years

metal stud framing in marylandMarshall Cruz Construction has provided reliable framing contractors for both residential and commercial projects in the Baltimore area for over 15 years. Our experience includes countless interior wall framing projects that encompass both stud wall framing and metal stud framing. 


We’ve helped shape and build new basement designs, commercial properties, and Maryland homes. Fully insured with a focus on timeliness, efficiency, and staying on budget, we are the expert interior framing contractors in Baltimore, Maryland that can assist with your next construction job.

Our Interior Framing Services in Maryland Include:

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Our Maryland Interior Framing Contractors Set the Stability for Your Project

Expert interior framing contractors in Baltimore, Maryland are vital for any residential or commercial construction project. The interior framing sets the structural integrity of all other builds that come after it. Having an expert, knowledgeable team ensures that the new addition is sturdy, up to code, and installed with all aspects of the design considered and taken into account.


Marshall Cruz Construction works with both stud wall framing and metal wall framing, depending on the needs of the property. We are the expert interior wall framing contractors in Baltimore, using only the highest quality materials with proven techniques. Our hands-on experience and exceptional foresight allow us to design and construct the proper framing to get the job done on time and in budget, no matter the size of the project.

Our Interior Wall Framing Installations in Maryland Are:

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Get the Most from Your Budget With Our Interior Framing Services in Baltimore, Maryland

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Safety and high-quality should be affordable no matter what size project you are working on or what your budget is. At Marshall Cruz Construction, we work with you to understand the scope of your project, your overall budget, the materials you need, and the design that will complement your build the best. 


With our free estimates on interior framing services in Baltimore, Maryland, we help create a plan for you that works with both cost and integrity. Trust the opinion of our experts: with over 15 years of experience, we promise to provide you the very best so your project is everything you envisioned it to be.

Commercial Interior Framing Services in Baltimore Maryland

Marshall Cruz Construction is experienced in both large and small commercial interior framing projects in Baltimore, Maryland. Whether you are working on a new construction project with an entirely new build, or it is time to create an add-on to expand your business, our interior framing contractors in Baltimore help you utilize the most of your space.


Experienced interior framing contractors will assist with staying up to building code, ensuring safe and sturdy materials, and will provide expert advice on the framing that can best complement other construction aspects, including drywall, ceiling, door, trim, and more.


Our interior framing company in Baltimore, Maryland does not just handle commercial framing services, we also work with you on numerous other construction projects. Being a full-service Baltimore construction company allows us to think of each job as a whole picture, so we know how to best make your space work for you and for the tasks at hand.

Our Commercial Interior Framing Company in Maryland Also Provides:

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Your Home’s Interior Framing Installation in Maryland Just Got Easier

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Ready to get to work on the home addition you’ve been dreaming of? Marshall Cruz Construction is available to help with basement interior framing or interior framings for additions. Our interior framing contractors will work with you or your primary contractor to ensure that the stud wall framing is appropriate for your home and your space. Get the most out of your basement or other open-plan areas by creating new rooms for privacy, productivity, and more.


With a focus on timeliness and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our residential interior framing company in Baltimore, Maryland stays on schedule and communicates any set backs that arise so you are fully aware of where we are in the process at all times. Stay within budget without sacrificing quality and integrity as we help to expand your home to fit your vision.


It’s your house, get the rooms you have always dreamed of with our interior framing contractors in Baltimore, Maryland.

Interior Framing Contractors in Baltimore Who Also Handle Drywall

Get a company who can do it all! Marshall Cruz Construction also handles drywall installation services, among many other general contracting jobs. This allows you to have one company who can handle the design and build from start to finish. Trust our experience, our knowledge, and our commitment to your project to see you through your new commercial or residential project with ease. On-time, in budget, and committed to safety and customer service, we provide only the very best.

We Also Provide:

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