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Refresh the look of your home or business with our elegant trim services in Baltimore

baltimore residential constructionCustom trim work for your baseboards, windows, doors, mantels and other areas is a way to add a finished polish to your home or business. More inspiring than a coat of paint but less work than an entire remodel, custom trim work elevates your rooms and creates a cohesive style. From subtle elegant details to larger, more intricate designs, Marshall Cruz Construction is your go-to trim construction service company.


We have over 15 years of experience working in Baltimore County and surrounding areas. It is our commitment to be dedicated to the details, provide unparalleled customer satisfaction, and give high-quality designs at an affordable price point. Our dedication is to your budget, schedule, and vision. 


If you’re ready to add some custom trim work to your local business or home today, give our custom trim contractors Baltimore, MD a call for a free estimate.

Our Custom Trim Services in Maryland Include:

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Custom Trim Installation Services in Baltimore, Maryland Elevate Your Business

residential construction company baltimoreEver wonder how to draw your clients and customers into your style a little bit more and make a powerful first impression that lasts?

Custom trim work in Baltimore, MD is the way to make it happen. Whether your business is sleek, elegant, and subtle, or you want a more historical or broad design that is immediately noticeable, trim work is the way to expand your brand without an entire renovation.

Marshall Cruz Construction has been a reliable custom trim service company in Baltimore, Maryland for over 15 years because we intently listen to the needs of our clients. We work together with you and our trim work contractors to create a cohesive design that complements your current style and expands your business’ feel.

Elevate your window trim, door trim, or mantels to boost your business. Give our trim contractors in Baltimore a call to discuss your vision. Providing quality craftsmanship at an affordable price, you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us today.

Let Our Custom Trim Contractors in Baltimore, Maryland Maximize Your Home’s Style

residential interior construction company baltimoreWhat can custom trim work for your home do for you? Trim work can be subtle, sleek, elegant, modern, historical, broad, intricate, and many other things. Custom trim services in Baltimore, Maryland provide your home with a finished and polished look. Our trim contractors in Baltimore,  take your home and boost it so it more cohesively represents you and your style without having to invest in an entire renovation.

Sometimes a room may feel like it’s lacking just a little extra design to round off its style. Custom trim for your mantel, fireplace, windows, doors, or baseboards gives a room a final, polished style.

Our trim service company in Maryland is dedicated to allowing every homeowner to have that polished feel, so we offer quality custom trim work at competitive prices. Talk with us for a free estimate so we can design your perfect trim work. Invest in your comfort today.

Maryland Trim Services from Top to Bottom

custom trim work in Maryland

Crown Molding

Create a seamless connection between your ceiling and walls, cabinets, or columns with a crown molding finish. Whether you want a subtle design or something that captures attention, our trim contractors in Baltimore are available to help find the right style for your home or business. Boost your resale value while making your rooms appear larger with a crown molding installation in Maryland.

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Functional and stylish, baseboard trim work connects your floor and walls while adding a subtle design to your home or business. While trim work for baseboards installation is commonly for the protection of the space, it is a great opportunity to expand the style of your rooms. When you contact our trim service company in Maryland for a baseboard trim installation, we can discuss style, finish, and color as part of our free estimate to create the perfect design approach.

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Window casings allow you a chance to really express your style. Regardless of whether you are investing in window trim for a home or business, you can create countless designs that offer style and function. Sleek and subtle can present an elegant finish, especially with intricate designs from our trim contractors in Maryland. Go larger, however, and create a sill that is ornately designed that also provides shelf space for leaning, decorations, and more. Whatever you envision, our custom trim installation company in Maryland can help it come to life.

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Door trim is your chance to create a captivating first impression. For businesses, a door trim widens the entryway and catches the eye of clients, giving them something to talk about and remember you by. In a home, our custom trim contractors in Baltimore can help you expand your style. Whether you decide to continue your window casing design for a cohesive look, or you want to branch out, we’ll make sure the design is complementary and the installation clean and seamless.

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With or without a fireplace, mantels are a great way to create a focal point in the room. Primarily used for decorations, photos, frames, and other centerpieces, you can opt for your mantel to be a subtle framework or a beautiful work of art its self. Our custom trim contractors in Baltimore will provide advice and recommendations based on our 15 years of experience. From color to the finer details, we will ensure your mantel matches your home or business’ style to enhance the comfort of the room.

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Wall Trim

If you're looking to decorate your business or home, wall trim, chair trim, and wainscoting are the perfect options. Our trim service company in Maryland will help you decide on the right trim to enhance your space for both style and function. Go broad or keep it simple and subtle, but whatever choice you make, we'll get the custom trim design that works for you.

Create a Comfortable Home and Dazzling Business with Our Wainscoting Contractors

Adding trim to your home or business should be a balance of design, comfort, and efficiency all rolled into one stylish addition. Wainscoting allows you to protect your walls, add a beautiful and stylish design, all while adding value and comfort to your Maryland home or business. Trust the Marshall Cruz Construction wainscoting experts for your new home improvement project. 

Our Baltimore construction contractors will leave you with a flawless wainscoting installation that elevates your home and is designed down to the smallest details. Create a new ambiance with minimal effort that changes the flow of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your Maryland business with wainscoting, this small change will leave a big impression. 

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