Make a Great First Impression: 4 Popular Commercial Doors

Whether you are ready to open your new business or it’s time for a business remodel, don’t skip choosing the right door for your door installation during commercial construction. It’s easy to get caught up in the paint, the architecture, the windows, and everything that pulls together to make your business pop.

Your commercial door, however, is the first impression you make on customers. It helps define your business aesthetic, greet customers, and is your first stop of security. While professional commercial contractors can help recommend the right commercial door installation, you want to be aware of your choices.

When picking a new commercial door installation, think about security, aesthetics, first impression, maintenance, and longevity. We dive into some of the more popular commercial door installations and how to know which one is right for your business.


Why Your Commercial Door Installation Matters

Security: A business door is going to be your first stop against preventing crime. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity, and you don’t want your door to be an opportunity. It is a defensive barrier to help secure your business at night so you can have peace of mind while you’re away.

Aesthetics: Your commercial door installation should not be an afterthought. It helps define the aesthetics of your business. It is your curb appeal, your interior warmth, and helps pull the windows and architecture together into one cohesive design.

First Impression: Greeting customers is the most important part of getting them into your business. A welcoming commercial door installation is a not-so-subtle way to showcase what is going to be inside. Whether you opt for a reflective surface or a bold design, this is what gives customers a first impression of what is inside.

4 Popular Choices for Commercial Door Installation

Glass Storefront Doors

Glass commercial doors come in your traditional pull style and your fully automatic, sliding door. For shops, restaurants, and small businesses, glass commercial doors are a go-to for business owners. They’re inviting, show off the merchandise inside, and help bring all the outdoor light in for a welcoming environment.

Not only do glass commercial doors make a great first impression by inviting your customers in, but they’re easy to maintain and strong. A low-cost commercial door installation, sliding and glass storefront doors also have the benefit of being ADA compliant. To maintain, just wipe down your windows to avoid stains. No need to worry about corrosion, mildew, or other damages.

Wooden Doors

Mostly used for interior business, wooden doors are the perfect commercial door installation for offices, multiple businesses in one building, or a second set of welcome doors not exposed to the elements. Wooden commercial doors are actual composite material with a wrap, as natural wood doors are hard to maintain.

Commercial wooden doors are great for soundproofing and come in a wide variety of designs. These are a great option to get a versatile design that perfectly suits your shop or business. Plus, they’re fantastic for keeping sound out and insulting inside. For privacy and comfort, opt for a wooden commercial door installation.

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Aluminum Doors

A very popular choice for commercial door installation, aluminum doors should be at the top of your life for door ideas. Aluminum doors have strength and security, making them an ideal choice for security. However, with a wide variety of design options, they also offer a welcoming aesthetic based on which design you choose.

Your aluminum commercial door installation can have glass or other designs to create a welcoming first impression. Able to withstand the elements, the only maintenance aluminum doors need are some cleaning of the hinges and proactive measures against stains come a few years of use. 

Galvanized Steel and Hollow Metal Doors

Looking for a steel or metal door option for your business? Galvanized steel and hollow metal are two very popular choices. They’re fantastic for security and are an optimal choice due to their strength. Plus, they hold up to all weather conditions for decades, so you don’t need to worry about frequent maintenance or commercial door replacement.

Metal and steel commercial doors, however, are not very welcoming. Our commercial contracting company often recommends a glass door out front and metal doors for your side, back, and employee entrances. They are the perfect complementing feature to keep your building secure while driving traffic out front to your open and inviting entrance.

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Get Your Commercial Door Installation Today

Marshal Cruz Construction in Baltimore, MD is happy to help business owners complete their new business with a commercial door installation. We help recommend the top commercial doors for business owners. Our aim is to ensure security, ADA compliance, comfort, and a welcoming storefront.

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