How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Good With Cabinet Updates

A kitchen is a vital part of any home, regardless of its size. If the living room is the heart and soul of a home, the kitchen is what enhances it. However, creating the perfect kitchen requires careful consideration of various factors, and one of them is choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen walls.  

Picking the right cabinets is not as easy as it may seem. While you can rely on the recommendations of your kitchen remodeling contractors in Baltimore, it’s always a good idea to take some extra time to make sure you’re making the right choice before settling on one.

With proper space management and selecting the right elements, you can significantly improve the final look and atmosphere of your kitchen. Let’s explore how kitchen cabinets can enhance an already amazing kitchen with a few simple modifications.

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Tips To Make Your Cabinets Help Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Before you go ahead and install any kitchen cabinet, here are some easy to implement, but often missed, tips to help make your kitchen look bigger, roomier, and better than it is.

1. Brighter Kitchen Cabinets are Better

The color that is incorporated into your cabinets can change the way how your kitchen looks, feels, and is perceived by others as well. When you renovate your kitchen or are going for kitchen remodeling, one thing to figure out first is the colors. 

Going for brighter colors can give a more spacious and airy feel to the entire kitchen. While darker colors can make a kitchen look a little cramped, lighter colors are easier on the eyes. Colors like beige, white, pale grey, and creamy white can be a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Discussing what you require and want the final output to convey is very important. Talk to any of the expert kitchen remodeling in Baltimore to understand what are the colors that are trending and if these colors can be a great fit for your kitchen.

2. With Kitchen Remodeling, Simplicity Goes a Long Way

Kitchens aren’t the space where a lot of textures, elements, and textures do justice to the space. Too many elements in a small kitchen can make the place look overcrowded. One way to tackle this concern is by going for minimal designs.

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3. Feel Bigger with Transparent Components

Another trick to use in kitchen cabinets to make a kitchen look amazingly well and spacious is by adding more transparent components into the picture. 

Adding transparent spaces can make a kitchen look like it’s more extensive than it actually is. One of the most effective ways to implement this hack is to add glass panels when installing a kitchen cabinet. Glass panels add depth to an otherwise plain cabinet. Another way to play with this is by adding more and more windows or reflective surfaces around a kitchen.

4. Ask Your Local Contractor About Cabinet Lighting

Good lighting is another important factor behind how others perceive a room. While the focus always lies on having the best lighting and fixtures for the living rooms and the bedrooms, lighting for the kitchen is always ignored. 

When going for kitchen remodeling, adding lighting above the cabinets and even under them makes the space feel much brighter and premium. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding LED light strips across the cabinet to see and understand how it looks before investing a lot of inexpensive fixtures.

5. Slimmer Cabinets are a Contractor Go-To

Kitchen cabinets usually come in standard sizes. However, it is not important to go for those standard sizes across the kitchen. 

Going for slimmer cabinets in a small kitchen space can be a good idea. Not only does it increases the floor space in the entire space, but it also gives more room to move around. While many argue it might reduce storage space, deeper cabinets are anyhow hard to reach into. So, shallower cabinets make for a better alternative to store your daily use items in.

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Some Pro Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Apart from the things above, there are several pro tips that you can work around to ensure that the cabinets and the other kitchen elements complement each other.

1. Painting your cabinets to match your upper walls

Matching the color of a kitchen cabinet with the walls makes the kitchen look bigger and more spacious than it might actually be. There’s color psychology here at play. Continuous shades, with no obstructions to the eyes, make it feel like the cabinets are more spacious.

2. Let in the light

Sunlight is a magical element for any home. Letting in the natural light is always a better decision. For smaller kitchens, sunlight can further highlight the space and its features.

Larger windows, with minimal obstructions, can make the scene outside your kitchen window an extended part of your kitchen.

3. Low contrast is better

Picking up shades that are relative to one another or belong to the same family, gives the eye an expansive and continuous look and feel of the entire room. 

On the contrary, when there are too many colors at play in a single room the colors play an important role in determining and defining the kitchen into smaller zones. Along with a similar color structure, subtle changes in the tones can keep things entertaining and not monotonous.

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Wrapping Up: Right Tips and Right Cabinets, for the Perfect Kitchen

A great kitchen can be the perfect way to accentuate the entire home’s properties. 

There are endless ways to get the perfect kitchen out of any of the home improvement techniques that you have in mind. If you are a homeowner who’s buying a new place or remodeling their kitchen, giving some more time to how your kitchen’s cabinets should be looking can go a long way, and will pay dividends for years to come.

Deploy the right experts to understand and come up with the best solutions for your kitchen cabinets.