4 Ways to Add Style to Your Home with Custom Trim

Making your home your own means adding your own personal touch and infusing the decor with your personality. Take this one step further with custom trim installations to truly make your house feel like home. 

Custom trim is often offered by residential contractors – they will work with you on design, consulting, styles, colors, and more before finalizing and installing the final product. You can pick from crown molding, custom window trim, door trim, baseboards, wainscotting, and more.

With a few simple touches, you can turn your home into your haven with custom trim work. Learn our top 4 ways to add style to your home with custom trim from local building contractors near you.

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Four Ways to Add Style to Your Home with Custom Trim

The Styles of Custom Trim to Choose From

Before diving into the 4 ways to add style to your home with custom trim, you’ll want to understand your custom trim choices. Trim isn’t just for doorways or up in the ceiling for crown molding – trim is any framing on your wall or other decorative item around it. The options for trim are almost limitless, from style and material choice to ultimately what color you choose to paint it. 

Here are the primary trim choices you’ll be considering when adding style to your home with the help of local construction contractors:

  • Molding
  • Crown Molding
  • Door Trim
  • Window Trim
  • Baseboards
  • Mantels
  • Fireplaces
  • Wainscotting

Custom Trim Style Option #1: Victorian

You can add style to your home with custom trim by opting for a Victorian flare. Layered crown molding that builds up the wall into the ceiling creates a  Victorian feel, no matter what style your home is currently set in. Pair the crown molding with some thick door trims, a picture board custom trim, and a baseboard for the complete look.

If your home is already set with heavy drapes, velvet, and Victorian art, you can complete the look with custom trim for a truly Victorian home that encases you in the history and elegance of the time period, all right from your living room.

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how to make your home look more victorian with custom trim

Custom Trim Style Option #2: Colonial

Colonial-styled homes are quaint, simplistic, and relaxing. If you’re trying to bring the colonial era into your living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen, consider custom trim installations to finalize the look. 

You can achieve a colonial style with custom trim by opting for wainscotting that is slim and builds up the wall. A simple baseboard with a neat trim finish at the top will complete the look. For a little extra, you can add simple trim designs around the windows and doors. Finally, finish off the look with some rustic or weathered furniture or art pieces so you have a cohesive home design.

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Custom Trim Style Option #3: Craftsman

Looking for a craftsman-styled home that is earth-centered and very natural? Wood trim is the way to go. You can achieve the look with tall door trim and door framing that includes a header and header cap, elevating the height of your doorway area through trim and style. Choose a very simple crown molding and a smaller baseboard framing. 

Craftsman-styled trim will really enhance your home when paired with exposed wood elements and exposed beams. Choosing a light wood or dark wood trim for your wainscotting will bring the entire design together.

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Custom Trim Style Option #4: Contemporary/Modern

Ready to make your home more modern through simple trim installation? Compared to all previous trim styles, you want to go slim, sleek, and simplistic. Minimal trim with less ornate designs is modern yet classic. You can easily achieve your contemporary-styled home by choosing one focal point for the ornate design and keeping a cohesive trim stylethroughout the home.

Our residential trim contractors recommend a simple baseboard, small door and window trims, and a slim wainscotting effect. You can elevate certain rooms with subtle ornate designs and by going classic around fireplaces or mantels. 

Paired with modern art, light colors with bold statement pieces, and plenty of white space, your custom trim will complete your modern home.

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Custom Trim Ideas to Expand Your Style

If you’re wondering where to add custom trim installations to expand the style of your home, we have a few of our favorite locations that homeowners often overlook. Once you’ve established the basics in the entryway, bedrooms, and living room, you can expand out your custom trim to get a complete look throughout your home with ease.

Check out our favorite places for custom trim work. If you’re curious about where you can install custom trim, you can request a quote from our Baltimore residential contractors for advice and input to see your home in a whole new light. 

Up Your Staircase
Homeowners often forget to take custom trim and wind it up their staircase. Baseboards and wall trim are the perfect trim styles to install up your staircase. With some simple or even ornate designs, you can travel seamlessly from one room to the next with a gentle trim rolling you up the stairs, past your art, and into your upper living levels.

Add Details to Walls
Wall trim is an easy way to add style throughout your home without having to focus solely on door trim or window trim. Wall trim is whatever design, height, and material you opt for. Your local residential contractors can help advise on design so you get a cohesive and elegant style that flows naturally and draws attention where you want it.

Stylize Your Bathroom
No matter the size of your bathroom, custom trim installation can breathe new life and style into it. Even adding wall trim or a simple baseboard can help create a finished and styled look that appears intentional and yet seamless. Depending on the size of your bathroom, local residential trim contractors will consult on what custom trim will work best in your space without making the area feel small.

Design Around Lighting
When choosing your custom trim, take into account both the natural and artificial lighting in the space. Design crown molding around inlaid light fixtures or have one wall filled with wall trim that catches the light and brings attention to the ornate details. Following the natural low and light of your home with create a more relaxing design that feels organic to the space. Think of this when outlining your mantel lighting or uplighting around baseboards.

Breathe Life into the Kitchen
The kitchen is full of cabinets and living space. Custom trim work around the walls, windows, and cabinets can add much more style without having to do an entire kitchen remodel. Invest in custom trim work to frame your cabinets, create ornate designs around windowsill shelving, or invest in a new baseboard style that frames your work space. You can even choose to highlight just the breakfast nook to create a specialized area you didn’t expect. 

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Additional Style Tips for Custom Trim Installations

When finalizing your custom trim designs and prepping for install, remember these design tips from Marshall Cruz residential contractors; with these in mind, you’ll have a much more professional design that boost home value and creates a timeless style you won’t need to worry about updating – unless of course you feel like it.


  • Focus on Details
  • Have a Focal Point
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold
  • Keep It Classic
  • Find Your Focal Wall
  • Complement Wallpaper or Art
  • Know Your Color Palette
  • Consider Shadows and Lighting
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